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Love to buy and sell Avon.  You will too!  Contact me at

Today, I delivered my first order and the customer was very satisfied and happy with her purchase.  I also ordered some goodies for an upcoming Giveaway, so stay tuned, it will be simple and with plenty of goodies.

I have to say that one of the things I love about AVON is the quality of their products.  I mean where else can you afford a good liquid eyeliner that stay intact the whole day. Or a lipstick that looks amazing and feels great. Really, if you have not purchase make-up from AVON do yourself a favor, stop buying those expensive brands out there, and trust the AVON lady, give it a try. Order one eye liner and one lipstick or lip gloss, just try it out.  I promise you will fall in love and become a customer.  Click the link and order yours today:

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