And the rain keep pounding…

Today was another wet gloomy day…I have not seen the sun since Tuesday and let me tell you, I miss it!!!!  There are floods all over Mississippi and Memphis, TN.  Schools even let out early today, so needless to say it has been two rainy crappy days.

liberamente2001: rains.. It looks kind of like an umbrella... How ironic:

On another note, it’s Thursday which means we are super close to the weekend…and guess what…we are expecting more rain!!!!  So, I am thinking that I will be checking out some new bloggers, surfing the net, pinning more from Pinterest…and more likely renting some Red Box movies. 

Photograph Raining by Ellena Susanti on 500px:

At least we are not sick anymore, we finally shook that nasty bug out of our house.  I do have to catch up to some cleaning and tidying up around the house, but other than that, it seems like it’s going to be another boring weekend. Then April will come and we will hit the baseball fields and the fun will begin.

looking at the rainbow...20 Amazing Rain Photography Examples for your Inspiration:

I keep looking for the rainbow…

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