I also like Ellen DeGeneres who sign's off from her popular talk show everyday with the words "Be kind to one another": I also like Ellen DeGeneres who sign's off from her popular talk show everyday with the words "Be kind to one another"

I was trying to keep my mouth shut, but seeing so many police officers killed, kind of infuriates me. All lives matter!!!! Hello!!! Why is that so hard to understand?  We all know someone who is serving our community, someone who is out there night and day…working to provide a safer environment for all of US.

When a police officer intervenes with an individual, although is annoying as heck, they deserve respect. They are the ones patrolling our streets, they are the ones protecting our children while they are at school, they are the ones who respond to your home when you call 911, they are the ones who respond when you are stranded on the road.  They are man and woman, just like you and I, man and woman who had the strength to work at night, day in and day out, for a misery salary…to protect all of US. 

Then a scumbag decides to kill them…and I do say a scumbag…because I have yet to see how killing a police officer execution style is self-defense…

Killing, is not RIGHT.  If a police officer intervenes with you, you should show respect at all times.  If you are mistreated by that law enforcement officer, take that to their superiors…after all, they are humans just like you and I.  Whether we like it or not…they have a profession that allows them to intervene with citizens, if they are suspicious of wrongdoing…all they need is suspicion and probable cause…they can talk to you and they can question you.  What is it? You can’t show respect, you can’t answer questions, why do you feel entitled to shoot a police officer? Didn’t your mama taught you any better? You must be really stupid to think you can get away with that!

It doesn’t matter if you are Latino, black or white…or asian or whatever you are…your life matters just as much as those dead officers…and all those dead civilians.  Instead of instigating others to riot and destroy…educate them about the many other ways they can handle their grievances if the have been mistreated or hurt.

I am not in favor of the man wearing the uniform.  I do have TONS of respect for that uniform and what it represents.  Like everywhere else, there are good ones and rotten ones…that is life!!!!  As human beings , we need to learn how to respect authority.  We live in a society that require someone to enforce the law, to some what, be able to live in harmony.  

All lives matter…Blacks, Whites, Browns, Yellows…all of them. We are equal!!!  So, instead of harassing social media with the #>>>>livesmatter….let’s #AllLivesMatter


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