All about them kids…


It’s all about my kiddos! Anything to make them be happy and content and if that includes having them at home, under my watch, even better.

So, sleepover with my daughter’s friends. I said, Why not? I mean, just three additional teenagers in the house, so I said yes. But, not before having my gorgeous daughter do a major clean up in her bedroom…you know…this for that…she agreed and even had a smile on her face.

So, Saturday night they all met at the movie theater, watch Star Wars, and she came home super happy. Sunday afternoon, the girls arrived for the sleepover, immediately retrieved themselves to my girls bedroom, and there they played some music, they sang, and we all enjoy the laughter and giggles. 

After dinner, it was s’mores time, then more giggles and laughter. J and I decided to go to bed, after all J had to work today. I have no idea at what time the girls fell asleep, all I know is that they behave good enough that they did not disturb anyone’s sleep time and that was all I asked. 

This morning, they ate and started watching Disney movies and I could not help but think…you know, even though they are all trying to be “adults” and they talk about boys, and they think they know it all…they are still little girls at heart. I thank God that my baby girl found such amazing group of girl friends in Mississippi. I am pretty sure she still miss some of her friends in SC, but to know that she is flourishing and with such a great, yet different group of friends,…yes, I am blessed.

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