Aging graciously

Wrinkles ✔️ Gray hair ✔️ Scars ✔️ I have them all and lived to tell about it.:

There is nothing wrong with age, if you think about it, it’s just a number. Granted, when you take the time to look at yourself in the mirror, you come across some spots that were not there a few years ago, a couple of wrinkles, some that bothers you more than others.  But, I mean, that is how is supposed to be!  Appearance does matter, especially if you are a woman, but just because you are changing and your skin is not as flawless as it once was, does not mean the world is coming to an end. 

Some of the things I struggle the most are not a matter of physical appearance. I am just 41, well, soon to be 42 and deep in my heart I still feel young.  My body does not feel as young as I want, but that’s OK.  Now, my eyesight is definitely worsening with the years…to pluck my eyebrows is such a daunting task!  I can’t even read my text messages without my glasses…now, that bother me, that and the fact that I keep packing pounds very easily and I cannot lose them pounds as easy as I gain them. Those two things do bother me, but not enough to make me unhappy.

I welcome my wrinkles…it reminds me of the beautiful life I’ve lived. I welcome my compassion for others, yes, compassion…the older I get the more I seem to understand and comprehend others behaviors.  I accept my life, just the way it is, with the dreams that did not come true, the goals I did not achieve, all the cries and heartaches, all the wants I did not get…all those unwanted and unwelcome situations I had to face.

At the end of the day, I accept that I am not a young adult, I am a mature, experience woman, and I am centered in my family. I am not forgetting about me, I am setting my priorities straight.  I decided to have a family and my life is around them, which is the way it will always be.  I welcome the slow pace, I welcome the boredom, I welcome the hurry and wait, I welcome anything and everything as long as I am surrounded by the ones I love.  I will live to the fullest, I will embrace all my wrinkles, I will continue to laugh and giggle, to be loud and spontaneous…I will age graciously…with a smile on my face and an a twinkle in my eye while I reminiscence in all the things I’ve done this far.  


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