After 28 years….


We finally reunited!!! Amazing, that is all I can say.  Let’s see if I can get the story right.  We met in 6th grade, we were good friends.  In 9th grade we separated and we did not see each other  until this past weekend, when they came from New York to explore the Mid-South.  Seeing them again, is like going back in time.  Who would’ve thought them two were going to marry and procreate a handsome child. We hugged, we laugh and we spend a couple of days relax, at this point it was all about Giancarlo, sweet loving Giancarlo.

Here are some pictures of our awesome weekend together…after 28 years!!!

Meet Brenda and her baby boy Giancarlo
Meet Carlos

My Janie and Giancarlo clicked in the sweetest way…


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Little man was sick for days, and he was not eating, luckily on the last day he took a few bites at Memphis BBQ

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We had to have some baseball time…


We cook some steaks and had a good, relax dinner together  


And she carried all those goodies from NY to MS…a gift that touch my heart. I love you guys…I hope we can do it again…a real vacation next time…

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