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I recently became a stay at home mom by choice. I decided to sacrifice certain things in order to spend more time caring for my children, for our home. It’s been a month and the transition has been good. I like social media, I like writing and I like supporting others with their new endeavors. So, I decided to try something I have never done before, an Etsy Store.

A Vintage Galleria is about giving items a second change at love. Is a simple store where I sell vintage items I come across on my adventures and travels. So, if you are into vintage, go take a look, keep in mind is a new store so the items displayed at the time are simple but I can promise you I have more to come…so stay tuned.

Why Vintage?

Well, why not? I mean do you remember how great it was to play with old simple toys, or have you noticed how popular 70’s and 80’s fashion has become lately…and beside that…why disposed of things that are in perfectly usable shape. Do you remember storing food in the wonderful Tupperware container, I mean the last a lifetime…why stop using them? For those reasons and many more I decided to start giving those old goodies a second chance.

Feel free to ask questions, comment, and provide feedback. Let’s make it happen 🙂

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