A little bit of me…

My name is Yarikza Alexander, recently people started calling me “Alex” short for Alexander.  I was born in Puerto Rico, and in 1999, I came to US as a member of the United States Army.  While in the Army I met Jason, who has been my husband for 12 years.  We have two amazing kids, Janie and JJ.

I am a caring, loving mother with the biggest heart.  I am also a bit stubborn and outspoken.   I am very loyal to my friends and for me…family comes first!  There is nothing I would not do for my kiddos. I love music, reading, fashion, shoes and seeing new places.

I decided to get into this blogging world because I am very self conscious about my knowledge of the English language and I figure the more I write the better my grammar would be.  I also want to share my experiences as a Latina living in the south.

Follow my world! It will be a very entertaining experience 🙂

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