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I have met a couple of great coaches and they all contributed to JJ’s baseball development.  I have three very close to my heart, two in SC, and JJ’s current coach (although, he intimidates the hell out of me).

From the coaches in SC, one was hands on with my son. The other coach, never coached my son, he coached other teams and his son is also a baseball player, he coached me, with him I learned what to expect at the baseball field…and a couple other interesting things.

My son’s current coach, is worst than a drill sergeant (which I love). He pushed my son more and more everyday and he believes in him.  My son respects him and admire him, which is huge for a 13-year old kid.

A coach is someone who is passionate about the people they coach. Some of the characteristics I admire the most on a coach are:

  1. Self Awareness-Know what your abilities are and know your weakness.
  2. Humbleness– Be humble!
  3. Creative and Innovative-Someone who is always looking for new ways to coach, to teach.
  4. Leadership– A coach is a leader, and they lead by example.
  5. Safety First– Safety comes first, the game is the game, but a good coach will always keep your player safe.
  6. Patience– You cannot be a coach if you don’t have patience.
  7. Active Listener– A good coach not only listen to spoken words, but they also listen to the body language.
  8. Sideline Behavior– A good coach knows how to keep calm, they also know when to be explosive.
  9. Observant A good coach will find each players gift, what are they good at, what do they need to work on. He/She will identify the player’s strength.
  10. Hard-WorkA good coach will put in the extra work to make your player better at his/her’s game.

As a parent, we must allow the coach to coach our children. We should not intervene. If we have any issues that must be address with a coach, wait for the next day, never approach a coach after a game…especially if the game was a loss. As a parent you should feel comfortable enough with the coach to trust that he is doing what is best for your player.

Thanks to all the coaches, that in one way or another have touched my son’s life, my son is thriving…getting better and better every day. Love the man and woman who go the extra mile to coach children all over the world.

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