The Keeper of the Keys

The Keeper of the Keys…

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I am the keeper of all the keys that open any and every door in my life.

I have the key to my own happiness and no one will be allowed to take that key away from me.

I also possess the key to my brain, and I will not allow anyone to borrow that key, because no one will manipulate my brain.

I hold the key to my success, because no one will push me harder than I push myself.

I have the key to my heart, because I decided who goes in and out of my heart.

You see, the way I see it, the more control I have over my own self…is the better I will tackle every single obstacle that comes my way. In doing so, I control my love, my happiness, my success and the way I think.

The moment you start letting people be the keepers of your keys…that is the moment you stop living life…to simply exist…

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