Diet attempt Number…Who knows?

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Ok, I love me no matter what. However, lately, I’ve noticed that I have gained a few more pounds..and also hit the 40’s…so metabolism slowwwwing waaaay dowwwnnn
I decided to try to lose some weight…AGAIN (LOL)

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This time I want to document what am doing to get rid of the pounds…hey it may work or it may not. I remember doing the weight watcher and accountability worked for me; knowing that people are keeping track of my progress….kept me going.
So, Day one is officially today.

Day One Lunch Check out the all-new

Breakfast was at 6:30AM and it was 1/2 cup of oatmeal.
Mid-Morning Snack was at 10AM and it was a Light and Fit Dannon Greek Yogurt.
Lunch was some Rib-Eye leftover, the size of my palm, and lots of water.
Dinner didn’t work as planned.  I wanted a salad, but JJ (after hitting 4 home-runs at baseball practice) was determined to get Bojangles (Fried Chicken).  So I ate fried chicken…a leg and a wing and some dirty rice…no biscuit. So, I feel bad, but not too bad, because I did excellent all day.No dessert!

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Workout: 1.5 Mile walk, 20 Squats, 30 Crunches, and 5 Push-ups
The goal is not to kill myself. My plan, this time, is to start slowly and add on as days go by. Reality is, I am a super busy mom, wife and full-time case manager at DSS. I have to make the best of what little time I have.

Ready to start over again....But I want to remember the lesson and not have to repeat them.

I am not counting calories, I am just cutting back in the amounts of food I eat…and I am also eating smaller portions more often throughout the day. The trick is going to be, to stay with it. I love to cook, and I love the food I cook. So, I am not going to stop eating yummy food, I am just going to eat less. If I can lose 20-30 pounds by the end of the year, I will call it a success…so stay tune!!!!

Works for me...

Encouraging comments are always welcome; any ideas are welcome as well. This is just the beginning and I am not asking for miracles….just a little less fluffiness 🙂

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