Caliente VoxBox…Yes, I am an Influenster

I received my Caliente VoxBox thanks to Influenster. I was actually on vacation in my native Puerto Rico when I received the email stating that my Caliente VoxBox was on its way!!! I was so thrilled to know that a box filled with goodies was going to be home when I arrived. Saturday we got home a little after midnight, and yes! I ran to the mailbox to get my Caliente VoxBox.

I was excited to find a Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen, a Dove Pure Care Dry Oil, a KISS Gel Fantasy Ready-to-wear gel nails, Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting exfoliant, and a Rice Krispies Treat S’Mores.

Needless to say that I ate the Rice Krispies Treat first  I am not known for having a “sweet-tooth” but, Rice Krispies have always being my children’s favorite. So, I decided to eat the Rice Krispies Treat S’Mores and I was pleasantly surprised. The treat is delicious, like its name S’Mores it resembles a camp fire S’more. I loved that it’s not too sweet, just perfectly sweet enough. I will be buying this treats for my kid’s lunch boxes.

The second thing that caught my attention was the Ready-to-wear gel nails. My 13 year old has been asking about getting acrylic nails lately. I have been a bit hesitant about it, because I know how acrylic nails can damage your natural nail. So, this beautiful Ready-to-wear gel nails are perfect for my little girl. I cannot wait for the weekend to actually get my princess nails done.

I was a bit sad that I didn’t get the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch lotion sunscreen before our family vacation. Puerto Rico would’ve been the perfect place to start using the lotion sunscreen. I used it for the first time today. I worked full-time and I am constantly on the road. As a Latina mom the sun loves my skin. I love that the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Lotion Sunscreen is not greasy and that it’s water resistant. Like any Hawaiian Tropic product, the smell is fabulous. I am looking forward using this product for years to come to protect my Latina skin.

The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil scared me a little!  I never knew the importance of adding certain oils to your hair until I watch a video online, that demonstrated how to use the product. The video was very beneficial!  I cannot wait to try this Dove Care Dry Oil on my curly hair. Oh, I also got a coupon 🙂

Last but not least is my Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Liquid. I am a 40 year old woman, very proud of every wrinkle  and aware that taking care of your skin is very important. I chose to apply this product in the morning, before I applied my Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Lotion Sunscreen. I am not big on make-up; therefore the skin on my face is not as damaged. I decided to further read the instructions on the back of the product and it is recommended that you use the Paula’s Choice Exfoliant twice a day. I am hoping to see a difference after using this product for a while. The exfoliant reduces redness and builds collagen, unclogs and diminishes enlarge pores and it creates radiant, even-toned skin.

What can I say- I am very grateful that I was selected by the Influenster team to test this products for free.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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