42 till 41….and loving it

In 42 days I will be 41 years old.  WOW, according to my children, I am OLD 🙂


That is perfectly OK with me…I would not trade this world of knowledge I have acquired through the years.  It has not been easy being me.  I am one of those people you either love or totally hate…and I am OK with that.

For me there is a certain beauty about aging, there is this wonderful sensation about slowing down…slowing down enough to enjoy the small things, to think things through, to reminiscence about the past, to forget yourself for things that did not work out in your favor, for allowing yourself to feel things you prohibited yourself from feeling years ago, slowing down enough to forget yourself for things that hurt you, for allowing yourself to live another day.

Lately, I find myself driving home thinking about all the sacrifices made, and a tear or two roll down my cheeks…a momentary sadness take over…and then..that sadness is suddenly erased by a smile…a smile that reminds me…that everything I have done…all the sacrifices, as painful as they may seem…were well worth it…because it’s all about my kids.

I will celebrate life on my birthday next month, and I will celebrate motherhood.  Because I firmly believe that God placed me in this world to be the mother of my amazing children. Blessed beyond belief…even when in doubt.


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