40 Questions

Q&A (I am 40 years old, so how about 40 questions…and 40 answers)
1. What year were you born? 1974
2. Where are you from? Arecibo, Puerto Rico
3. What is your favorite sport? Baseball
4. What is your favorite color? Fuchsia
5. What is your favorite food? Rice
6. What is your favorite drink? Water
7. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? Wine (Barefoot Moscato)
8. Status? Married
9. How many children do you have? 2
10. What is your highest level of education? Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice/Investigations
11. What is your favorite song? It varies, today “Say Something”
12. Who is your favorite actor? Channing Tatum and Julia Roberts
13. What is the one thing you get compliments on? Eyes, Hair and accent
14. What do you like about yourself? My personality and my hair
15. What do you dislike about yourself? My tummy
16. Who is your favorite author? Nicholas Sparks
17. What annoys you? Needy people, whiners, people that always complaint when they do not het their way.
18. Favorite job? I loved working as a Probation/Parole Officer
19. What is the one think you wish you could have? That is a secret
20. Who do you miss the most? My father
21. Who is your best friend? I do not want to say
22. What turns you on? A good father
23. What turns you off? Whiners
24. Where do you want to live? Close to the ocean
25. The one place I must go before I die is: Mexico
26. Read, TV or Music? Music
27. Who made you mad? Life
28. Who loves you the most? My son and my daughter
29. Favorite movie? Lately, I have to say “The Fault in our Stars”
30. Best professional experience of your life? Becoming a soldier in the US ARMY
31. Proudest moment? Becoming a mother
32. Regrets? Not staying in the ARMY
33. Confessions? I am an emotional eater, I eat if I’m happy, sad, stress out, etc
34. Embarrassing moment? Getting drunk on Halloween night, in front of my kids, and throwing up inside my car.
35. Favorite accessory? Sunglasses
36. Jeans or shorts? Short, any given day
37. Cowboy boots or flip-flops? Flip flops any given day
38. Sport you hate? None
39. Food you hate? Beans
40. #1 on your bucket list? Bungee Jumping

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