4 days in SC


This past week and weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions. A couple of things brought extra stress, laughter, tears, unexpected hugs, and smiles to my life. I am adding some pictures, randomly throughout this post of some of my highlights of the week.


The adventure started last Tuesday at 3 o’clock when we embarked in an adventure to see my youngest brother graduate from basic combat training in South Carolina. It was a grueling 9.5 hour drive. I was exhausted by the time we reached our destination. Obviously seen my brother was amazing, we hugged, we smiled, we shed some tears and we hugged again.


I also managed to see three out of my four best friends in SC. Can’t complaint, but I wanted to see a couple of more people…but I guess it was not meant to be. I spent some time with some of my buddies from DSS in SC and we shared a lot of laughter, and that was awesome. I saw my BFF Alma and her kids and that always make me smile and make me want to move back to the Palmetto State.


One of the highlights of my trip to SC was to see the happiness on mu teens face as they ate at their favorite fast food joint…Bojangles!!!! We managed to also visit Rush’s, The Peanut Man and the World Market. All those places are simple places that sell some stuff we love and sadly we cannot find those places in Mississippi. So, we took advantage of the trip and indulged in some guilty pleasures.


Been with my mom, can be overwhelming at times, just because we are so different in so many ways…I know she loves me and she knows I love her…but the reality is that we struggle been together because of our differences. I tried to accommodate her the best I could, and she tried to pleased me in every way she could. Having her present in my life is a reminder that just because two people are not alike does not mean they can’t love each other. I loved that she was able to come spend sometime with me and my little family. I hope we can get together again…sooner than later. She is my mother and I love her dearly.


Our last day was pretty nice, I took my mom to the Panera Bread, World Market and Target and we unexpectedly, and thanks to my JJ, ended up sharing some laughter. From there we went back to the hotel. While at the Hotel I remembered that my brother purchased a DVD with some additional pictures from his company. We, my mother and I, ended up watching the DVD then calling it a night.


The next day we woke up early, and I dropped her off at the airport and the kids an I started our journey back home…where we found our happy…together with their father and our cats in our home. It was a pretty intense week…all emotions were experienced…and now we settled to our normal.


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