IMG_0618Well, summer is here, sunny, hot, sticky Carolina summer. This year we decided to continue with JJ’s baseball adventure. We signed him up with the Valley Baseball Academy. This coming weekend, is his first tournament. As a mom, I don’t know what to expect or how to even get ready for the adventure. I mean do I pack a cooler, get some heavy snacks, and prepare myself to be in the field all weekend…who knows. I guess that is why I call it an adventure!

My expectations…I don’t have any expectations. I just want JJ to get better at playing baseball. He can play any position, but lately he was playing third and he was also the catcher. When he finished with Spring Baseball, he made the decision to concentrate in becoming a better Catcher. I asked him how he made that decision. He explained that, when he is playing the catcher position, the game makes more sense to him. The boy struggles with “paying attention”, so to hear him say that-I must admit- made me proud.

Another reason why I enjoy watching JJ play is because I have been able to see how his confidence and social skills keep getting better. Many may see it as just a game. I see more than a game, more than having fun, I see skills being develop, preparing him to tackle life on his own.

Going back to the “tournament”, maybe I should do some research about, “mom baseball tournament preparedness” (LOL) I just want to have the family comfortable enough, to continue the “family support” intact. The minute when things don’t go smooth…the family will be stressed out…which can cause some frustration for JJ…and possibly affecting his game.

I will be snapping pictures left and right as we create more memories as a family. Then, maybe, one day, I’ll be able to share those memories with JJ’s children. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back “blogging” about JJ’s baseball adventures.

We already have an MLB player in the family, who knows, maybe JJ will be the next one 

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