Those tiny, precious angels…will be hijacked by the monsters of teenager-hood!


My Mother read this to me as a teenager

Becoming a mother was sudden, shocking, and amazing.  There was no book with instructions, and the one and the only person who helped dad and mom were grandma…and she was only able to do it for a month.  After 30 days of unconditional assistance and guidance, it was just the three of us…and soon to be 4.

From the second my eyes met theirs, they own me.  Life as it was, was over. I was a devoted mother, I loved and continue to love my children unconditionally.  The first 13 years of my children’s life I was all that mattered to them, I was busy 24/7 with them. Whether it was school work, sports, fun activities, dinners, doctor’s visits…you name it…life was all about the children.  It became my reality…then, all of a sudden it stopped.

Got my loving dog and one teenager left to go through. I'm sure she'll turn out as kind as the other two because she's a wonderful human being.

The children became teenagers…and slowly but surely they needed me less…my opinion was unwanted…my intelligence was questioned…I was an embarrassment at times…and I was not needed in any way, shape, or form.  Oh, I was also very, very dramatic…I was not, I stop existing in their world.  They always love me…always…the hugs are less, kisses are not-existant…and spending time together is not a THING, anymore.

I still have a few things I owned IN HIGH SCHOOL. I graduated 15 yrs ago, lol. My kids are 11 and 5. And yep, this is accurate.

That was my own doing! I made the decision to live just for my children. I have no regrets, but there is a lot of pain along the way to were we are now.  Is like walking on pins and needles all the time, is almost like a stranger moved into your home. It questions who you are!!!! Who are you? Who am I?  The struggle to answer that question is my everyday. Learning to survive, feeling all alone and empty.

i often have to remind myself of this one

If I could give some advice to all the new mommies to be, it would be…never stop living life…just learn to share some of your space with that little bundle of you growing in your tummy.  Never stop laughing, never stop going out, never stop dedicating time just to yourself, never stop befriending people…allow yourself to continue being a human…a person, a woman…never ever give up your womanhood and your self-awareness and happiness just because you are a mom.

There's a time and a place for swearing , and lessons children should be taught on why one might feel the need to say those as a adult! Example: when you curse at a car which nearly smashed your precious cargo your carrying inside your car. Don't deny it, I know I'm not flying solo here.

Being a mother is a blessing, the best thing that ever happened to me. My children are my pride and joy, my everything.  They are just teenagers…and teenage years last quite a bit!  It was my own doing who got me where am at…at this time in life…one can only do the best possible, take it day by day, remain silent (as much as possible)…and wait for the children to come back. They will come back…but it takes time.  Teenager-hood is an amazing maze, a place where all things happen and/or nothing at all…a discovery place that empowers the young and crushes the old…one must learn to survive. Again, my children are my world…and I would not have it any other way…but if I could give a mommy to be some advise…NEVER STOP DOING YOU!

Dear Moms of Teens - gather up close and join me. I've got a few things I want you to hear today, since we're all in this together. #mothering #parenting #teens


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One of my passions is to cook…

I grew up in a home filled with love and laughter, not a perfect place, but it was my little Heaven.  My lovely mom was/is not a cooking mama.  She worked hard all her life and raised three amazing humans, but the kitchen is not something she enjoyed.  I was curious, and one day I decided to cook and my daddy loved what I cook.

Cooking makes me happy, it relaxes me, and it helps me feed my family. Seating at the dinner table has been one of my greatest achievements as a mom, we eat together, as much as possible. Now, the kids are teenagers and they both have things to do that, at times, keep them away from home when is time to eat. But, they know, if they are home, that we are eating together as a family.

Long story short, my cooking is a fusion of Puertorrican food, Mexican flavors, and Southern Goodness!  Yes, I cook whatever I want and yes I combine those three elements when I am creating in the kitchen. I also like shortcuts, and do not like to make things more complicated than they have to be!

I decided to create a Facebook page to share my recipes, photos, and tips on what I create in the kitchen. I decided to share the link to my Facebook page with you all, in case you are curious about what takes place in my kitchen.


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