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Hello lovely readers!  I became a Paparazzi Independent Consultant and I am having tons of fun selling amazing, lead and nickel free jewelry!!!  So, after talking to my teenager last night, she suggested I try selling some of the most beautiful Paparazzi jewels here on my BLOG.  I said, WHY NOT!

It’s very simple, I will post five items every day (or almost everyday), and if you like what you see all you have to do is leave me a comment with the item that you want.  Please leave me your email address so I can reply with instructions on how to pay, once payment is received (via PayPal) I will send the item of your choice to your mailing address. Easy, right!

Each item is $5…in October Paparazzi is launching the Zi collection, and those sets are a lot fancier and retail price will be $25 (perfect gift for someone special).

Again all items showed are only $5 (necklace and earrings). Keep in mind there is a lot more…if you go to my online store, here is the link:


So, here are the first items:







The first buyer gets a free item 🙂



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