Well, I decided to become a Paparazzi Independent Consultant because I really love the jewelry.  I like to accessorize, I firmly believe that the cost of your clothes, shoes, and accessories should not play a role in how you look and how you feel when you step out of your house.

Looking good and feeling good does not have to be expensive!  Ladies, please learn that!!! Stop wasting money…be smart about your dollar.  At Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories every single item cost only $5.00 (and are also lead and nickel free).  One of the things that drew me into the business was the opportunity to share the sparkles with other ladies out there.

Often times, we, as women instead of supporting each other we bring each other down.  I think is time to stop, I think is time for US ladies to celebrate our womanhood, so help each other be a success, and to spread the love. By selling you the amazing jewelry I am hoping to make you smile.  I know I did! As soon as I opened the pink Paparazzi bag, I smiled BIG.  I was even more excited when I saw the quality of the pieces I received.

If you can spare $5…I would suggest you do it at Paparazzi. Here is my direct link, where you can make purchases, keep in mind that if you want something, you must grab it quick…items sold fairly quickly.  The inventory keeps on changing and new pieces are added weekly, sometimes even daily. Yes, is that good of a business.

If you become interested in being your own boss, making your own schedule, and working from home just send me a message, comment on this post, go to my Facebook page “Paparazzi Southern Sass Jewelry” and let’s work together so you can become a Paparazzi Independent Consultant.  With this business you can go as far as you want, you do have to work, and you have to be creative and find ways to attract customers…once the customers see and feel the accessories…every single item will be sold!

Like I mentioned before, I am just a click and a message away.  Go shop ladies!!!


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