When the Mood is Kind of Funky…

Well, I’ve been in a funk since last night.  Can’t seem to shake it off.  Usually, when I get into this mood, I go shopping. However, that is not an option, nor would it be an option for a while. I mean we are in the process of purchasing a home in South Carolina and chances are we are going to be dealing with two mortgages until our house in Mississippi is sold. So, no shopping to relief stress, at least not for now.This is the last stretch, 16 days to be more exact. Maybe that is why the funk is lingering so much.

At least our boy decided to play some baseball, not travel, just recreational, just to see if he loves it enough to go back to travel baseball. That is exciting, I do miss seeing him playing ball. A lot of things are supposed to be happening this year.  In July is my daughter’s 16th birthday and with that comes the purchasing of a vehicle. So, one more thing to add to the list of things we need to do. I want to help her get a job, so she can pay her own insurance and gasoline. Not that I want to be mean to her, but I know that if she is the one making the insurance payment, she will be careful when she drives, and it will teach her responsibility.

I finally started applying for some jobs in South Carolina. I would love to go back and work for the State, but this time I am looking to gain some experience in human resources. I just have to wait and see, so far, from all the classes I’ve taken, recruitment and retention are what interests me the most. The human factor, finding those sets of characteristics in an individual to determine whether they match with the job and the work environment while keeping in mind the goals of the organization. I have applied to some HR jobs, we just have to wait and see if that is the Lord’s plan for me.

I must say, I am not looking forward the unpacking and organizing at the new place. I think that is part of the funk, not to mention the hideous drive…with our new family member Lucky. That is adding a lot of stress…I can only pray and hope that she will behave and take it like a champ. Jason is taking the cats and JJ will also ride with him. So, in my car, it will all be the girls, so we should be fine.

On another note, I must say, I switched from Humira to Embrel injections for my psoriasis, and although the shots are twice a week, my skin is looking awesome. Just in time for summer shorts and flip-flops. Super happy that the new medication is keeping the breakouts under control. I pretty much gave up my wine too, that also helps, alcohol and psoriasis do not mix. Controlling my temperament and stress has made a big difference in my life, but I am not perfect, therefore, I still have some work to do.

That is for today, I hope life is treating you well, and that you all are working to make yourself happier this year.


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