2016 Goals

2016 DO ALL THINGS WITH LOVE I made another ABM NYE pic as last years was a huge hit. Hope you like it. Made by Nikki Holt.:

Every year I set goals for the upcoming year.  This year I have some goals, that, I believe are achievable. In past years I made a “resolutions list” that never got done. So, the twist for 2016 begins with calling every item on that list a “Goal”.

Goal 1: Become closer to my husband, I love him, but I am a very independent, spoiled wife. I want to learn to spoil him and I want to stop making things all about me…and make it about “us”.

Goal 2: Healthier eating. I want to add more vegetables to my meals, kind of letting the meats take the backseat. The goal is to lose 2-3 pounds per month (very achievable) and live a healthier life.

Goal 3: Improve my relationship with my teenage daughter.

Goal 4: To make time for me, 30 minutes every day where I only do me…whether I go for a walk, read, take a bath…anything…just for me.

Goal 5: Spend less!!! I so want to spend less money. I want to go at least 6 months without purchasing anything, but food. Though goal, but I want to achieve it.

Goal 6: Save Money!!! Take money out of every check and transfer it into my savings account. Also, I want to open the kids their own bank accounts.

Goal 7: Blog more, comment on my favorite blogs, create giveaways that can draw more attention to my blog.

Goal 8: Find a way to do a random act of kindness every week…

Those are my 2016 goals. Do you have any goals you want to share with me?


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