1st Football Experience

Well, yesterday was my 1st football experience.  Finally my kids asked me to take them to their middle school football game.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.  I was nervous because I have never been to a game and excited because I love sports.


It was a perfect afternoon, not too hot, just perfect.  I still have a long way to go when it comes to learning the game, and perhaps I will never be able to speak football language, but who cares -I already speak two languages…that is more than enough.

So, the game was super fun to watch…with the exception of the hard to watch tackles, when one kid slammed the other one down…it was hard to watch, because my son is determined to try-out for his school’s football team next year.  I will always support my         kids in whatever they want to do.  Football is a sport that its know for causing very damaging injuries…so I will pray from this day forward until next year…that my boy will stick with baseball.  But, if he makes the team…I will be right there supporting him.


It was super fun to watch the game, I found myself screaming and jumping up and down every time our team did something good.  It was so much fun! So, from here on, this mom will be attending most of the local games. Our team lost the game…and I did not care, I just had a blast!





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