1st Baseball Tournament

Oh my…it was a very hot weekend in South Carolina…and it also was my son’s first baseball tournament with the Valley Baseball Academy.


The tournament was at Seven Oaks Park in Lexington, South Carolina. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the facility. We paid $5.00, and parked. The players do not pay, but every other person do. It was kind of funny, because I did not know what to bring to the tourny. I mean I kind of knew they would have concession stands and all, but knowing how hard JJ was going to be playing I wanted to have plenty of snacks and drinks. We packed chairs, cooler, and all kinds of goodies. I have to say that it was well worth it! All the drinks were gone at the end of day 1.

JJ getting ready
JJ getting ready

I was impressed by the competitiveness of the teams. Seeing all those children and teenagers so focus on competing and winning was great to watch. Seeing the parents, respectfully, cheer for their respective teams was reassuring. I am a loud baseball mom…and I will celebrate every single play my son make…respectfully but loud. To know that you, as a parent, do not have to worry about bad language is comforting.

JJ catch for 3 1/2 games and then during the last game he play third base, until he got injured after hitting a double. He was able to continue batting but he could not run to his potential. Now, I must clarify a point. Imagine a team that has only practice as a team for two weeks, then play for the 1st time against teams that have been together for a very long time!!! Can you see the picture? Exactly! So, I can proudly say, that VBA did an amazing job. They only won the last game…but they score and make great play in all 4 games.




A couple of pointers: 1) Make sure you take plenty of water/fluids 2) Take plenty of snacks 3) Make sure you either take a canopy or an umbrella 4) The most important thing…take a camera, snap plenty of pictures, and create new memories with your loved ones.







I had a blast…then I get home and my son decides to do this…


I would not trade that for anything in this world!!! We had a blast…how to clean those white pants…well, that is another blog 🙂

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