1st 2014 Beach Trip-Folly Beach, SC

Our first beach adventure of 2014.

Destination: Folly Beach


Just entering one of the best places in the world


I love seeing the shrimp boats ready to go.


Roll the window and let the morning breeze caress your skin

Relaxation begins with mama being happy.
Relaxation begins with mama being happy.

You know the saying, “If mama is happy, everybody is happy”



Jason and I have very stressful jobs, to be able to enjoy nature, a quiet, beautiful place like Folly Beach, recharge our battery.  Family time is something that you should never take for granted. Making time to enjoy one your significant other, your children, is one of the keys of a healthy, growing relationship.



This trip was in April, amazingly enough, the water was warm. The beach was not crowded, we totally enjoyed our weekend get away at Folly Beach, SC.



The children are growing, but there is something about the beach setting, maybe the waves, the sun, the smells, the sounds, that always bring a smile to their faces.



One of my favorite things to do is explore. This was just one of our many findings of the day. I held it long enough to snap a photo, then return it to its habitat.



This shows nothing but love, peace and happy times.


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