10 Facts About Me

10 Facts about me

Fact #1: I am very outspoken…I have no filter…and I know that can be good and can be bad.

Fact #2: I like to sleep in…I am not a morning person…but I will get up on time to get to work.

Fact #3: I am confident; nothing spells “sexy” more than being confidence with oneself.

Fact #4: I love to go shopping, I am not into fashion just like to look good.

Fact #5: I will do anything for my kids. I will sacrifice myself over and over again for my kids’ happiness.

Fact #6: I do not like my job; I am tired of dealing with people that has no common sense.

Fact #7: I love to cook; cooking it’s relaxing for me. I should have been a chef.

Fact #8: I like country music and southern food, even though I am 100% Puerto Rican.

Fact #9: I hate to clean the bathtub and the refrigerator.

Fact #10: I love adventures, I love road trips and I hate to plan anything. I like to be spontaneous.

There you have it…that is all ME

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