Mississippi is a land for all critters…


My job as a Veterinarian Assistant reminds me of this everyday.:

I have to say, one of the things I love about Mississippi is the variety of critters I have found.  We move to MS in December of 2014…and we have encounter deer, raccoons, possums, foxes, skunks, lots of birds, huge crickets, and lots of toads. We see critters like the ones I mentioned almost on a weekly basis.  The other day we were driving back home from the grocery store and we saw this beautiful deer, the horns were growing already…it was such a sweet sighting!

I love to see the critters close but not too close.  A couple of nights ago, JJ was i his room while I was watching TV in the living room and all of a sudden he comes out with a puzzled look on his face.  He asked me if I did not hear the noise outside, I said NO!  We both opened the door to the back patio, and we witnessed a young raccoon, who climbed all the way up to the top of one of my bird feeders and he was eating…Mr. Raccoon just look at us, and he did not bother to climb back down for what it seemed an eternity. I was like, really, you are supposed to run away!!!  Mr. Raccoon stayed there…until we finally turned the light on and then he decided to leave, not in a hurry I must add.

So, today I was watering my peppers and I noticed a new pepper growing, i wanted to take a close look…and these is what I found…


I found a cute little frog…I see lots of toads, but I haven’t seen this kind of “frog”. I though it was so cute, he could have the pepper (although I think he just eat the leaves). The thing about frogs is…my late father was a frog lover. He actually had a huge collection of frog figurines. I have some of those frogs figures and I found myself loving frogs as well.  It’s probably a thing he and I had in common, just like many other things, I was a daddy’s girl and a lot of my personality resembles his.

So, not complaining about all the critters I get to see in my newfound state.  I still miss South Carolina, and perhaps one day I’ll be back.  In SC there is this thing called Palmetto Bug, which is nothing other than a huge cockroach…and I am scared of roaches period…I can care less if they name them queen of Earth I still hate those damn palmetto bugs.  They do not have them where I live now, well at least I haven’t seen any and that is a GREAT thing.  Anyways, I just wanted to share some of my Mississippi love stories. 

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Pensando en voz alta



Hoy amanecí pensando en voz alta.  Intentando analizar y entender el porque de las cosas, el porque de la gente, el porque de la vida…

Siempre me a llamado la atención la gente, soy muy observadora, y siempre tengo muchas preguntas, las cual internalizo y guardo muy dentro de mi.  Cada persona es un mundo aparte, lo que hace feliz a unos no les importa a otros.  La dificultad esta en aceptar que ambas partes estan correctas, que ambas partes son dueños de sus vidas y ambas partes tienen derecho a escoger y a vivir como les parezca.

Este mundo es libre, es una libertad o libertinaje, con muchas oportunidades, muchas alternativas para escoger.  Que si quieren esposo o esposa, que si quieren hijos o no, que si quieren estudiar o no…cada cual decide por si mismo. Están los que disfrutan viviendo de acuerdo a las reglas sociales y ay otros que no soportan esas reglas sociales, los que prefieren ser libres completamente.  Unos piensan que esa libertad sin fronteras puede afectar a los que viven de acuerdo a las normas sociales, entonces comienzan los tropiezos, los problemas.

Vivir en Sociedad cada vez es mas difícil, este es un mundo diferente, en mi opinión un mundo de locos.  Prefiero el mundo de hace 15 anos atrás o mas…yo si vivo de acuerdo a las normas de la Sociedad, si me gusta educarme, si me gusta rodearme de personas que tienen el mismo pensar. Acepto a todos con sus ideas siempre y cuando me acepten con las mias.  Acepto a todos con sus ideas sociales y políticas siempre y cuando acepten las mias. No juzgo a menos que me juzguen.  Prefiero vivir en paz y tranquilidad que rodeadad de bullicios y altas voces. Algunos le llaman vejes…yo prefiero llamarle evolución.

Yo creo en Dios, un Dios generoso y justo. Un Dios que perdona y que nos ama, en fin murió por nosotros.  Yo creo que en este mundo ay suficiente para todos, creo en ayudar al prójimo, creo en mejorar la calidad de vida del prójimo.  No le hago daño a nadie, solo deseo paz y tranquilidad.  Quisiera poder vivir sin temores, pero estos días ese deseo es imposible. Nosotros mismos somos los responsables de destruir este hermoso planeta al que llamamos hogar. Si no cambiamos las cosas que hacemos, como las hacemos…no tendremos nada…nuestros hijos y sus hijos no tendrán nada.

Creo que debemos comenzar con amar al prójimo como te amas a ti mismo. Ayuda a desconocidos, muestrales un camino diferente a los que andan perdidos, protege tu ambiente, no destruyas tu planeta, no destruyas tu hogar. Se feliz, sonríe y ama la vida. Respeta a los demás como te respetas a ti mismo…no se hoy amanecí pensando en voz alta, solo quise compartirlo con ustedes.

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What blogging means to me.


You Can Make Money Blogging Without Tons Of Page Views | www.lostgenygirl.com:

I have to tell you, I blog for fun and because I spend a lot of time alone and writing helps me ease my mind. I read a lot too, I like to read bloggers that write about recipes, family and adventures in general.  Every now and then I get some cash for blogging or a free product for review purposes, perhaps not as much as I would like, but that is OK.

Blogging can be very stressful if you allow yourself to feel the pressure of competing for attention, in reality, in order to get cash for your blogs you must have followers, and you have to maintain those followers engaged with your posts. I do not like to stress about something that I created to help me deal with stress, so I plan on staying true to myself.

I have read a lot about writer’s block, I know what it is, and when that happens I just shut down my computer and invest in some new adventures, or go for a ride, I mean anything to get my mind at ease and my writing juice flowing.  Blogging is the only way of income for some people, so they invest hours every day making sure their blogs are where they need to be, so sponsors can continue sponsoring their posts.

At the end of the day, do what you want, do what makes you happy. Life is super stressful as it is, adding some extra stress in something that should be fun is not the way to go, just keep that in mind and happy blogging y’all!


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