Why you should buy your college books on Amazon?



Why you should purchase college books on Amazon? If you are a college student or a parent of a soon to be college student, you should consider exploring other venues to buy those college books.  For me it was pretty simple, I had to purchase a book and when I look at the price of the book on campus, the cost was $230.00.  Now, mind you I’ve been to college already, so I do know the “game”.  I knew the book was way over-priced, so I decided to go to Amazon to see if the had the book.  Sure enough…the book was available on Amazon…and guess what?  The book was listed for less than $50.00.

When you purchase books, or any item for that matter, from Amazon I do recommend you take a few minutes to read everything about the item you are interested in.  Read the reviews!!!!!  Read about the sellers!!!! Inform yourself before making the final decision.

I ended up buying my college book, “Organizational Behavior 16th Edition” from Amazon.  It was delivered in a timely manner, and I mean why in the world would I pay $230.00 when I can pay $48.00 for a lightly used book? Really, it’s a no-brainer.  The book arrived today, in excellent condition.  The only way I was able to tell it was not a brand new book was because of the corners of the book…they showed minimum wear and tear…when I said minimum…is like almost nothing!

I can appreciate a good deal, after all, attending college nowadays is super expensive, so let’s try to save a buck whenever possible.  Another great thing to consider about Amazon…sell your books!!! Learn to use your books without writing or highlighting over them, that way you can sell them later and make some $$$$.  Go to Amazon. com to learn more about selling your books…is quite simple, and if you start selling and you build up a good reputation…the buyers will keep coming.

This blog post is based on my own experience and I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for writing about Amazon.  I just love the place, and now that I am back in college…I wanted to share my experience with y’all.

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Friday…make it a fun one!



Friday is here, Friday is here!!!

What does it mean to you?

To me, it means I have to rush to get a pedicure, then rush back to the store to get a new bed for one of our feline family members and also rush to the store to get my daughter some frozen pizza she can fix herself for dinner…because I will be at the baseball fields with my son.

Friday means that my hubs can relax for a few days, without having to make the long drive to work…which is awesome.

Friday also means hubs and I can stay up as late as we want watching Red Box scary movies, or recorded shows, or we can just go to bed early and wake up early on Saturday to hit the Farmer’s Market before the baseball game.

This Friday also means, that in 4 days my son will be turning 14 years old…which means that both of my kids will be 14 years old for a couple of weeks!!!

Friday means that God allowed us to survive another week in this crazy life.

Friday is good! So, I hope you enjoy your Friday….I am going to make the best out of my Friday!

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12 Days…

Take the first step. #ITwisewords #wisewords #inspiration #quote #MLK #MartinLutherKing:

I can’t believe it…12 days…that is all I have left before I embark in my new adventure.  July 5…that is the day when I will start my classes…my first two classes, 2 our of 12 classes I have to take to obtain a Masters of Science in Human Resources Management.  A big deal for this 42-year-old mama.  

Looking back, I had my life all figured out…I knew what I wanted since I was a teenager. My dream was to become an Attorney…I finished high school ahead of everyone else, enrolled in college while working a full-time job and managed to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  I also thought I was in love…I mean after spending five years with some one I once called boyfriend…I figure we would be together forever. Well, that did not happen…the breakup led me to leave the island and start a new life in the USA.

Becoming an attorney was still in my mind…but, various jobs led me to work hand in hand with attorneys and I also spent a great deal of hours in criminal court and family court with my jobs…and I was not enchanted with the profession anymore.  Then, I was like, what do I do? How can I re-invent my life? It took me a couple of years to decide. But, finally, I decided…and I used my head to make the decision not my heart.

I chose Human Resources Management because is one of the growing jobs in the market.  At 42 is all about making money, and having a job for as long as I want wherever I am.  So, here I am…about to start my classes. The first two classes are business leadership and contemporary business…not my cup of tea…but lucky me…I have a man beside me with a business major, my hubby. The classes last 9 weeks, so after the summer we get into the fall classes and those are the one that get me excited…because they will be all about HR.

I will try to continue my posts on my blog, as much as possible. I figure I’ll be a little busier now that I am a student. Being a student at 42 is kind of cool…so stay tuned and I will tell you what is happening with my new adventure. Did I mentioned my kids are thrilled I am back in college?  I think that is hilarious…again…another way of parenting done right…they know if mama can do it at 42…they can do it as soon as the finish high school…is all about them kids after all…at least for me. 

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