All Kinds of Crazy…

Let’s the crazy begin!!!  Hubby is on his way to MS, movers will start packing tomorrow at 8 AM, then loading Friday.  Bon Jovi’s concert is Thursday and I am beyond excited! All sorts of craziness going on in my house.  At least I am done with this quarter and I am expecting two A’s, so I am super happy about that. This quarter was a little bit tougher than last, but I worked hard and conquered my employment law class.

Now is just a matter of being patient while others touch and go through your stuff while packing everything up.  Tonight when Jason gets home, he can help me re-sort what is going with us in our vehicles and we should just sit and wait for others to do the big job.

Both kids are home, is Spring Break here in Mississippi, so they will be home while their stuff is pack, I can’t wait to see JJ’s face when everything starts moving.  He is so excited about going back to his neck of the woods. Now, Janie is another story, she is sad to go, she has a group of friends that are more like sisters to her and she has been dealing with emotions for the last two weeks.  I know is going to be super hard on her, and as a mom, I hate to see her struggle.  I know her friends in SC will make her feel welcome and she should be able to be content soon.  A good thing for her is that she will be 16 this summer, and she is a pro at traveling, so she should be able to hop on a plane and visit her friends in MS.

Life has been normal for us, we have been blessed beyond our wildest imagination, but we have dealt with our fair share of struggles. Needless to say, that in order to have a family one must want/fight to have it.  Walking away is easy, anyone can do that, staying together and sorting through things, that is what makes relationships stronger, a family is a relationship between people with different wants and needs, personalities, and desires, one must respect each individual and help them achieve their needs, wants and desires in order to make this thing called family…work!

Next time I post, I will be in South Carolina.


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Pinterest Favorites This Week: Ideas For The New House


I’ve always been a super fan of Pinterest.  I love the ideas, the hints, the recipes, etc.  Since I am moving into a new home, I decided to share with you all, some of the ideas I plan on doing once I am in my new house.  The ideas are random, from gardening to decorating, to cooking. 

I hope you enjoy the ideas, and if you have some ideas you want to share with me, please do 🙂

Let’s start with my dining room area, I have a nice size dining room in my new house, and I am having a custom-made farm table built.  I want to have, one bench and then just buy some dining chairs.  Below is an idea of what I want my table and chairs to look like.

Dining room: Avondale (Macy's) table & bench with fabric chairs from Target. Kate Spade runner/Pottery Barn lanterns:

The next area I want to decorate is the living room.  I just ordered a brand new living room set from Rooms To GO, the color is gray, and I want to have blue and yellow decor to make the room classy and beautiful.  Below is an idea of what the gray and yellow looks like.

"Indigo & Citron Living Room" herringbone curtains, gray tufted love seat, ikat blue chairs, citron green/yellow accents, pebble cream rug, wood tables, subway art, wooden clock:

Thinking about these color scheme…again, I just want to add some accents not have a rainbow looking area. 

teenage girl bedroom paint colors:

Lastly, I want to have a small vegetable garden.  To be honest all I can grow is tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini.  I wish I could venture into other things like lettuce, celery, etc, but then I have a reality check, I just want to grow the things we eat the most without making myself a gardening slave.  Below is an idea of what my garden MAY end up looking like, maybe smaller, well, definitely smaller 🙂

Deer Proof Vegetable Garden Ideas On Deer Proof Garden Fence Garden:

Those are some of the ideas I have, there would be plenty of others, but I think those three areas are a good start.  What ideas do you have? What was the first thing you did when you move into your new house?


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si-estuvieramos-hechos-para-estar-en-un-solo-lugar-tendrc3adamos-rac3adces-en-lugar-de-pies.jpg (736×1004):

Dios recompensa a los que son limpios de corazón.  La hipocresía, el vivir pendiente de lo que los demás tienen.  La soberbia y la avaricia nunca llevan a nadie a ninguna parte.  Cuando uno comienza desde cero, sabiendo que las cosas no van a ser fácil, sabiendo que el camino es bien cuesta arriba y aun así uno comienza a caminar, a correr, sin dudar, con la mente bien fija en la meta final, entonces es cuando las cosas comienzan a tomar forma.

Muchas veces en la vida uno duda, uno no entiende el porque de las cosas.  Uno cuestiona a Dios, uno llora y grita, uno se siente destrozado, sin energías para continuar.  Cuando uno se deja llevar, que consecuencias tiene ese dejadez? Cuando uno deja de luchar, de creer, de tener fe, que consecuencias tiene esa dejadez?  El mundo esta lleno de oportunidades, Dios no nos da mas de lo que podemos cargar, uno tiene que atreverse. Uno tiene que buscar la forma de reinventarse para echar pa’lante.

El mundo ha cambiado tanto, y continua cambiando. Solo tienes dos opciones o te quedas estancado, cómodo, en lo mismo o decides cambiar. El cambio no tiene que siempre ser visto como algo negativo. Ser positivo ante cualquier adversidad es la clave para sobrellevar momentos tumultuosos.  Cambiar de manera de pensar, la manera en que se ve la vida, de profesión, de actitud ayuda a mantener un balance en el modo en que se vive día a día.  El mundo cambia constantemente, no temas al cambio, reinventarse y aprende a vivir de manera diferente, una vez aceptes que las cosas ya no son como eran 20 anos atrás, podras comenzar a vivir nuevamente.


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